Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Heaven Help Me, Now I’m On Shop Handmade!

I guess I’ve been frustrated by Etsy’s picture uploading on my poor old dial up (9 more days to High Speed!) and I saw some chat about this on Etsy’s forum… And when I took a look at it, one of my favorite Etsy artists had already started a shop. So, I came home tonight and decided to see how this thing works.

It works pretty good! I’m just happy to get pictures on more easily. As I told Margie at Artbymar (, my heart belongs to Etsy but my mortgage belongs to the bank that wants it’s money every month! So the more venues I’m seen in, the better. And for now, during the Beta period at least, the commission I’ll be paying goes to the Rain Forest.

I’ve put on a few earrings and that’s where my Autumn Encouragement necklace landed, plus another really wild necklace--purple girls, come see!

So check me out at and help the Rain Forest with any purchase of Bear Chick treasures!

1 comment:

Art By MAR said...

I checked out your shop on Shop Handmade and it looks great. Thanks so much for the nice compliments and the link. You have me blushing!