Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Technique

Last week, we melted in the heat. This week, sweaters and raincoats that thought they’d be getting a rest for the summer came back out. No wonder I’ve had a cold since last Saturday!

Even though I was attempting to take it easy this week, trying to get over my third cold of 2008 (that doesn’t count the flu I had in January…), I played with a new technique I’d read about in an ATC book. You take a glossy magazine page, cover parts of it with glue and let dry. Then you take a piece of chrome cleaner and remove the color from the page. The glue acts as a resist, that the chrome cleaner can’t affect, so you’re left with the color that was protected by the glue.

In one example (right), I left the design alone and let it stand on it’s own.

In the second example (left), I colored around the pink flowers I’d glued with purple oil pastels. (Excuse the photos--it’s an overcast day…)

This technique is so cool. It’s wicked easy and what you end up with is always a surprise. Look for more of these designs in the coming months. And again, what I don’t sell at the art fair on June 1 will be going on Etsy the week after.

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